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AS Cadiz

Local Board:

  • President: José Santiago Millán Ramírez, Cayetano Martínez Muriel
  • Secretary: Francisco Javier Espinosa Coello
  • Treasurer: Enrique Alguacil Jurado
  • Executive Members: Alejandro Quintero Sicre, Miguel Aroca Fernández

University: Escuela Superior de Ingeniería - Universidad de Cádiz

EUROAVIA member since: 2014

Website: http://cadizeuroavia.wix.com/euroaviacadiz



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About the city:

Cadiz, also known as “The Tacita de Plata” was founded in 1100 BC, so it is considered the oldest city in the Western World. Since that time, Gadir (one of its old names) was an important trading colony where the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Visigoths and the Muslims were settled, so it is possible to see Cadiz has always been opened to all cultures. Cadiz was also chosen by Christopher Columbus as the starting point for his second travel to the New World. The citiy would become, after the decline of Seville, the port to The Indies, drawing the flow to trade with the American Continent, being one of the most important harbors of the World.
Cadiz is a small city with a fantastic sunny and warm weather, surrounded by beaches (it is almost an island) where everyone is in a good mood every time of the year. It is very well known by its Carnival, which is one of the most famous in Spain, where, walking by its streets, you can find in any corner people singing and acting autochthonous things. Carnival, the gastronomy, the history, the landscapes, the sun and the people makes Cadiz an unbelievable and wonderful city.

Industrially, Airbus Operations and Airbus Military are based in Puerto Real and in El Puerto de Santa María respectively, near Cadiz, and some Tier 1 companies as Carbures, Alestis and Titania are also present in the technological business park. 

Last updated: April 19, 2016