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AS Delft

Local Board:

  • President: Kartikay Johri
  • Vice President: Nicolas Mavrocordatos
  • Secretary: Kilian Swannet
  • Treasurer: Flip van Hoorn
  • Webmaster: Barna Birtók, Claudia Raducanu
  • Executive Members: Michael Westheim, Claudia Raducanu, Nicolas Mavrocordatos

University: TU Delft (Delft University of Technology)

EUROAVIA member since: 1959

Website: http://delft.euroavia.eu/

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About the city:

Delft is close to the Dutch coast and in the middle between The Hague and Rotterdam. Delft is more than 750 years old and the city owes its name to the word 'delving', digging the oldest canal, the Oude Delft. In the beautifully preserved historic centre of Delft you get in touch with the rich history of the city all the time. There is no other place where you will encounter so many globally appealing cultural-historical values as in Delft – Delftware, Johannes Vermeer, the link with the Dutch royal family and the Dutch East India Company. But Delft is more than history; Delft is a lively modern city with many innovations, of which the TU is the perfect example.
With 15000 students the TU Delft is the biggest technical university in the Netherlands and the only one to offer a full Aerospace Engineering program in the BENELUX. Beside their study the students in Delft organise lots of activities, making Delft a lively student city . As for the Dutch industry, there is Stork Fokker, DutchSpace, KLM E&M and many more. The Netherlands are also host to ESA Estec, the research centre of ESA. All the ingredients you need for a EUROAVIA city!

Visit the city of Delft portal.

Last updated: October 2, 2016