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AS Napoli

Local Board:

  • President: Gaetano Perrotta
  • Vice President: Gianmarco Valletta
  • Secretary: Luigi Avallone
  • Treasurer: Stefano Orefice
  • International Contact Member: Mariangela Giannattasio
  • International Editor Member: Claudio Vela
  • Webmaster: Gianmarco Valletta
  • Executive Members: Castrese Di Guida, Emanuele Tortora,Riccardo Guida.

University: Universita' degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II"

EUROAVIA member since: 1991

Website: http://napoli.euroavia.eu

Find us on:

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About the city:

Naples is home for the most important universities of South Italy and the world's oldest state university: our University, Federico II, which takes its name of Frederick II Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily and Head of the Roman Empire that founded it in 1224. He decided to create a Studium (School) inside his reign to permit his subordinates to study without going away.

The Faculty of Engineering takes origin from “Scuola di Applicazione per Ingegneri di Ponti e Strade” (Training school for Bridge and Road’s Engineers), founded in 1811. One of its numerous departments has a prominent importance in the aerospace field: DIAS (Department of of Aerospace Engineering). It was originally divided into two departments: DISIS (Department of Science and Space Engineering) and DPA (Department of Aeronautical Engineering). The DPA work begun in 1929, when it was founded by Gen. Prof. Umberto Nobile, famous designer, dirigible pilot and polar explorer. He was also the founder of the Institute for Aeronautical Constructions in 1926. This Institute became, in 1995, the Department of Science and Space Engineering (DISIS) "Luigi G. Napolitano”. The Department includes teaching and research activities for a large number of disciplines, with strong synergies with the three Aerospace research centers in Campania (CIRA, CORISTA, MARS).

AS Naples decided to take the name of “Umberto Nobile” to proudly remember this important figure.

Visit the Department of Aerospace Engineering



Our Activities

 Atitech 9 Marzo

What we love to do is to spread the Aerospace Culture among both the students of the sector and just passionate people, and especially to give Aerospace students a glimpse of a possible future career: that's why our main activities include visits to the main industries of the sector and to every place our associates think could be interesting for our members.

Here you can see some of our hangouts!

 Fucino 24 Marzo 2016

Fucino, Telespazio Center, March 2016


 Tecnam Novembre

Napoli, Tecnam, November 2016


Naples, Atitech, November 2016

And togheter with these visits, we also propose our members as participants to various contests, such as NASA's Space Apps Challenge...

Space Apps Challenge

… and to many important initiatives, like lectures and congresses!

 Nasa Congress

Napoli, NASA Congress with Roger Hunter (4/10/2016)

The 2016 LeWo

EUROAVIA Naples also had the pleasure to host the birth of the First Generation of EUROAVIA Trainers in the Leadership Workshop, in November 2016. An astonishing experiment...



...with a pleasuring conclusion!

 Dsc 0815


Last updated: May 16, 2017