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AS Patras

Local Board:

  • President: unknown

About the city:

Patras is the capital of the Achaia prefecture, which is located at the Northwestern part of Peloponissos, the four-finger hand shaped piece of land at the Southwest part of Greece (Hellas). It is located 215km Western of Athens and 100km Northern of Olympia. The city of Patras has approximately quarter of a million inhabitants, including the surrounding suburbs of Rio and Paralia (Beach). Almost one fifth of the people leaving in Patras are students of the University of Patras, in Rio, and the Technical Educational Institute (TEI), which makes the city a pretty young and lively one, throughout the year.

University of Patras has 22 faculties and more than 20000 students. The university is well known for its research activities in national and international level. The AS Patras is located at the Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics Department, which is part of the Engineering School. The Department is a leading one especially in the fields of advanced material, structural and computational analysis, as well as, aeronautics and space engineering.

The industries in the surrounding area, which are close to the engineering field of EUROAVIA are the factory of airplane structures of the Hellenic Air Force Base in Araxos and the Hellenic Weapon Industry in Aegio. The Hellenic Aerospace Industry,which is of great interest, is located 250km eastern of Partas.

A modern monument of engineering in the surroundings of Patras is Rio –Antirrio Bridge (Gefyra). With the construction of the bridge a hundred year old vision came true only a couple of years ago. A real human marvel, unique worldwide due to its special requirements and environmental difficulties. The result is magnificent and has influenced, positively (of course), many aspects of people’s lives.

Concerning the city’s lifestyle a special period of the year, every student should live during his/her studies, is the Carnival of Patras, which attracts more than 200,000 people from all over Greece and Europe, dedicated to it or not. It’s a weekend full of crazy partying and dances throughout the city.

As for other cultural, historical and interesting places one should visit, the following keywords can be used for more information: Apollo Theater (exact copy of the Milan Opera), Ancient Roman Odeon, Saint Andrew Cathedral, the Lighthouse and many others.

Visit the Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics Department of the Engineering School website.
Visit the University of Patras website.

Last updated: October 2, 2016