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AS Rzeszów

Local Board:

  • President: Mateusz Rakieć
  • Secretary: Dawid Bujnicki
  • Treasurer: Aleksandra Kwiecień
  • International Contact Member: Michał Stąpor
  • Public Relations: Anna Żmudka

University: Politechnika Rzeszowska

EUROAVIA member since: 2004

Website: http://rzeszow.euroavia.eu

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About the city:

Rzeszow is an economic, scientific and cultural centre of southeastern Poland, the capital of the Podkarpackie Province. With an area of 54 square km and population of about 163,000 it is one of the largest cities in this region. The location in the wide Wislok River valley, on the border of the Sandomierska Basin and the Carpathian Foothills, the two physical geographical units stand in contrast with each other, dividing the region into two parts differing in topography and nature. In the south, the horizon line of the city is marked by the Strzyzowsko-Dynowskie Plateau, divided by the winding valley of the Wislok River. In the north, a natural depression, called the Podkarpacie Trough then rises into the Kolbuszowski Tableland, which is largely covered with forests of the former Sandomierska Primeval Forest. The proximity to the southern and eastern frontiers makes Rzeszow an important communication centre. There is an airport, situated 11 km from Rzeszow, in Jasionka. Its runway is equipped with lights for night landings and includes a radio navigation system, which meets international standards. Since 1994 there has been a permanent, twenty four hour border and customs crossing.

The economic picture of the city was formed to a large extent by the strong aviation tradition and a program of constructing COP (the Central Industrial District), which gave rise to the present WSK-PZL (the Production Plant of Communication Equipment), famous for its production of aircraft engines and a city leader with respect to employment. Household equipment produced by ZELMER is recognized by markets all over the world. Among firms with the participation of foreign capital, the most important are: ALIMA-GERBER, producing juices and foodstuffs for children, and ICN-POLFA, a producer of pharmaceuticals. Establishment of many other branches is also developing successfully: clothing - CONRES; catering - the Rzeszow Poultry Plant, the Noodle Production Plant; building - BUDIMEX, ELEKTROMONTAZ, INSTAL, etc.
The city is an important academic center. More than 40,000 students are being educated at the local colleges. The Rzeszow University of Technology provides higher technical education at 5 faculties:

  • Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics (within this faculty, as the only school in the country, which has a faculty for training civil pilots.);
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering;
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering;
  • Chemical Engineering;
  • Management and Marketing (non-engineering).

The Rzeszow University of Technology is a partner of “AeroNet” Aviation Valley – The Center of Advanced Technology, which is a consortium including academic units conducting world-class research and other subjects acting for the sake of scientific research and developmental work, innovations and implementations within the scope of widely-interpreted aviation technology; has got two major pilot training facilities – one located at Jasionka Airport, second placed in picturesque Bieszczady Mountains.

The full educational spectrum is completed by: the University of Rzeszow , the Higher Theological Seminary, the Higher School of Management, the Higher School of Computer Science and Management, and the Higher Pedagogical School.

Rzeszow is thus a city of young people with great potential. Modern technical solutions and equipment of the latest generation attest to the modernity of the city.


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Last updated: January 21, 2017