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Overview of all Affiliated Societies and Adjunct Members

EUROAVIA is an international student association with several Local Groups across Europe that spread and live the EUROAVIA spirit, a set of common values based upon hard work, innovation, cultural awareness, team work and international networking. At today EUROAVIA counts 38 local groups, in 19 countries for a total of more than 2000 members.

Map Sep 2016 AS Helsinki PAS Carlow PAS Surrey AS Oostende AS Leuven AS Delft AS Paris PAS Toulouse PAP Kourou AS Sevilla AS Valencia AS Terrassa AS Madrid AS Lisboa AS Covilha AS Aachen AS Stuttgart AS München AS Dresden AS Berlin AS Braunschweig AS Bremen AS Hamburg AS Deblin AS Rzeszów AS Kyiv PAS Padova AS Milano AS Napoli AS Palermo AS Pisa AS Zagreb AS Patras AS Athens AS Thessaloniki AS Beograd AS Cluj-Napoca AS Bucuresti PAS Technion AS Istanbul AS Cádiz PAS Samsun AS Ankara

There can be different types of local groups:

  • Affiliated Societies (AS) are full members of EUROAVIA, with all rights and obligations;
  • Prospective Affiliated Societies (PAS) are groups that are in the process of becoming an AS.
  • Adjunct Members (AM) are local groups located outside the borders of EUROAVIA (≈ Europe) and that have limited rights and obligations compared to an AS.
  • Prospective Adjunct Members (PAM) are groups that are in the process of becoming an AM.

If you want to read more about the difference between Affiliated Societies and Adjunct Members and their rights and obligations, check out our official Statutes and Bylaws.

Last updated: October 2, 2016