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PAS Carlow

Local Board:

  • President: Dillon O'Reilly
  • Vice President: Kieran Power
  • Secretary: Melvin Benny
  • Treasurer: Nicholas Sloane
  • Public Relations: Richard Morrell
  • Executive Members: Stephen Porter, Eabhan Tiernan

University: Institute Of Technology Carlow

EUROAVIA member since: April, 2016

We are a group of students that come from different places all over Ireland from the great city of Kilkenny to the rural parts of the country. There is great teamwork within our group. We are highly motivated students who have a strong passion for Aerospace and Aviation. With a diverse and intercultural background, our ideas flourish and combine to bring the best out in all of us where we work together to create an international learning hub right here in IT Carlow.


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About the city:

The Institute of Technology Carlow is one out of only two Universities that offers our course in Ireland, (Aerospace  Engineering) the other being Limerick University. We are also very proud to showcase our continuous approval of the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) making our graduates unique and highly trained Aircraft Technicians and Engineers.


With EASA approval you can look forward to attaining prestigous licences to work on aircraft that are recognised throughout Europe. IT Carlow currently offers you the opportunity to obtain an avionics or mechanical licence B1/B2 or A1, making us one of the very few training Institutes in Europe to offer such qualifications. We have students from all over the world taking courses here to achieve recognition to work on Aircraft in Europe, IT Carlow really is the place to be for Aircraft/Aerospace Technicians and Engineers. Our Graduates have unique and excellent job opportunities with there technical experience and theoretical knowledge which they learn here at IT Carlow.


We currently have 7,500 students attending different courses in areas like Computing and Networking, Business Management, Electronics, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. IT Carlow also offers a course in Pilot studies where students can study some of the technical aspects of aircraft and flight with their ATPL training in order to gain BSc in Pilot Studies.


Last updated: October 5, 2016