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PAS Samsun

Local Board:

  • President: Ibrahim YILDIZ
  • Vice President: Mehmet Furkan OKUDAN
  • Secretary: Serenay ASLAN
  • Treasurer: Busranur YUCEUR
  • International Contact Member: Omer Ali GUNALTAY
  • Public Relations: Baris SELCUK
  • Executive Members: Emrehan MUFTUOGLU


EUROAVIA member since: April 2016

Website: https://omuaess.wordpress.com/

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                    2016-2017 Local Board


       EUROAVIA SAMSUN International Logo - Local Logo

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About the city:

Samsun is located in northern Turkey, in the middle of the Black Sea. It is an icon city where wide green and blue will permeate your soul with the waves and sounds of birds, where you will encounter the glorious historical heritage on each corner of the city. If you want to start to explore the city with its history you have to go back to 5500 BC.

 2848987 Samsun Batipark


About University 

Ondokuz Mayis University (OMU) was founded in Samsun in 1975. OMU consists of 16 faculties, 1 conservatoire, 3 schools, 11 vocational schools and 5 institutes. As one the newest member of OMU, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics (FAA) was established on February 2010. FAA includes Aerospace Engineering department and Meteorology Engineering department. The first students enrolled to the Aerospace Engineering Program in 2014. The Faculty is one of the five engineering degree awarding institutions in the area of aerospace engineering, and second, in meteorological engineering in Turkey. With newly established Faculty building, Ballica Campus is located in the district of 19 Mayis. In addition to the Faculty, the Campus houses the Civil Aviation Vocational School and the Research Centre for Aeronautics and Space Technologies (UZAYTEM). Located on 60,000 square meters closed area, the Ballica Campus also offers various other facilities such as; labs, workshops and aircraft parking, and approximately 1,000 m long air field. This makes the Ballica Campus and the Faculty unique in Turkey.

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                    Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Last updated: October 29, 2016