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International Events

International events are the true core of EUROAVIA, the moment when the EUROAVIA spirit gets instilled in every participant and, for those few days, the dream of our founding fathers becomes extremely clear. There are many types of international event, each focusing on developing specific aspects, part of the EUROAVIA goals.

All international events are organized by one of our Affiliated Societies and supported by the International Events Working Group. The latter, working together with the organizers, makes sure that the quality and the traditions of EUROAVIA international events are always met. The duration of international events can vary between 3 and 7 days while the standard participation fee is 100 €, being all EUROAVIA international events sponsored by local and international sponsors.

Below you can find a comprehensive list of all EUROAVIA international events.

Congress Meetings
The Congress is EUROAVIA's legislative body. Two meetings are held every year: the EMEAC (Electoral Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress) and the AMEAC (Annual Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress). Representatives from all Affiliated Societies gather together to discuss and decide about EUROAVIA current and future policies, about the status of the Association and the steps to take in the near and far future.

Cultural Exchanges
Cultural exchanges are non technical events usually organised between two Affiliated Societies. This kind of events focus more on the cultural and recreational aspects, promoting the cultural awareness and the sharing of experiences among the participants.

Design Workshop (DeWo)
The Design Workshop is one of the most challenging yet rewarding international events organized by EUROAVIA. Students and young graduates can boost their practical and academic skills, working for three weeks on a design project put forward by the company holding the event (usually preliminary studies of aeronatical or space projects).

The Design Workshop is the only international event of EUROAVIA organized by an international committe, the Design Workshop Working Group. Discover more about the Design Workshop!

Fly-in are non technical events during which the hosting Affiliated Society shows and promote the aerospace culture of its area. Typical activities during a fly-in are visits to aerospace companies, tours around the faculty and university of the hosting city, sightseeing.

Formation Workshops (FoWo)
Formation Workshops are high quality training events designed to increase knowledge and share best practices between members and top leaders. During this event participants attend lectures and workshops to practice various leadership skills in a real life-work situation in order to carry on with passion and dedication the successful achievements of EUROAVIA.

Symposia are technical events that, through lectures, workshops, visits to laboratories and companies, aim at developing one specific topic. Participants are given the unique chance to improve their knowledge and expertise of the topic the symposium focuses on.

Last updated: May 19, 2015