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Symposium Toulouse AeroExplore(12th-17th October 2016)

EUROAVIA Toulouse, based at ISAE SUPAERO, Toulouse, organized an international symposium for four days from 12-17 October 2016. 30 participants from 11 different EUROAVIA bodies from around Europe assembled at the aerospace capital of Europe to take part in this symposium. Various technical activities such as workshops, talks, museum visits, fun events, and industrial visits were organized.


Symposium Madrid

EUROAVIA Madrid, continuing with the EUROAVIA’s international essence, hosted a symposium from the September 27th to October 1st. The main theme of the event was “Flight Tests”, having the opportunity of attending workshops and lectures held by well-known professionals in the aerospace sector.


Fly-In Dresden 2016

An awesome Event has ended a few weeks ago as we, EUROAVIA Dresden, had the honour to be the host for the Fly-In Dresden 2016 and the opportunity to welcome ten guests from Romania and Germany.


ILA Berlin (31st May - 4th June)

This year AS Berlin again organized the ILA Fly-In, which is amongst one of the best events when it comes to visiting one of the greatest airshows and to be in an amazing city like Berlin at the same time.


Fly-In Pisa (4th - 8th May)

This year we had the pleasure to host some of you in our city for the Fly-In Pisa 2016. This is the first time that AS Pisa organizes a EUROAVIA international event since the AMEAC in 2011.


Fly-in Technion

Events like this are a good break from lectures and, as aerospace students, was truly inspiring and motivating. We had a lot of fun planning and attending this event and are looking forward to offering more opportunities like this in the future! Stay tuned!


Formation Workshop Rzeszow (29th November - 6th December)

FoWo took place from the 29th of November till the 6th of December in Rzesz´ow and Krak´ow. We had a huge pleasure to host thirty EUROAVIA members from all over the Europe (AS Ankara, AS Berlin, AS Bremen, AS Bucharest, AS Cadiz, PAS Deblin, AS Istanbul, AS Napoli, AS Rzesz´ow, AS Pisa, AS Stuttgart, AS Valencia).


Fly-In Munich (26th - 30th October)

From October 26th to 30th, we presented our beautiful Bavarian capital and its aerospace industry in the best possible light by welcoming twenty EUROAVIA fellows. On the day of arrival, we kicked off the event with snacks and beer from the university’s brewery.


Fly-In Cadiz (11th - 15th October)

The Fly-In Cadiz took place between the 11th and the 15th of October. This is the first event that has been held in Cadiz and it was really really nice! The local committe worked hard in order to offer the rest of EUROAVIAns an awesome time there, providing them with touristic, cultural and technical activities.


ACC 2015 (6th - 10th August)

From north to south, from west to east. Everywhere they heard about the Air Cargo Challenge taking place in Stuttgart, again. And so 27 teams from 12 countries signed on. Before the competition started, several teams had record breaking journey due to their long travel from the eastern China.


Fly-In Paris (15th - 21st June)

The Fly-In Paris 2015 took place from the 15th to the 21st of June.

This event was amazing: it was such a pleasure to meet EUROAVIAns and to participate in activities with them! We really hope the other members of EUROAVIA had as much fun as we did.


EMEAC 2015 (12th - 18th April)

This year, the EMEAC has been hosted by th AS Seville between the 12th and 18th of April 2015. The congress brought together 49 talented representatives of local boards from 12 European countries to decide the next International Board.


Fly-In Valencia (24th February - 1st March)

The Fly-In Valencia took place between the 24th of February and the 1st of March.  This was the first event that was going to be held in Valencia, and for this very special occasion all the association worked together to get the best Fly-In ever.


AMEAC 2014

The AMEAC 2014 took place in Ankara between 7-14th of September 2014. 25 delegates from 8 different countries have participated in the congress.


ILA Berlin 2014

The ILA Fly-In took place from May 21st - 23rd 2014. It was built around the ILA Berlin Air Show and included a day of social activities and a company visit in Berlin.


Delft Avonova Symposium

The Avonova symposium took place in Delft between 13th and 15th of May 2014. The participants of the event had the chance to attend lectures about business, materials and space related topics.


EMEAC 2014

The EMEAC 2014 took place in Stuttgart from 27th of April to the 2nd of May 2014. This time 45 delegated students from various local groups participated in the congress. In addition, two delegates of the new PPAS Cadiz and PPAS Valencia were present.


Lustrum 2014

This year´s 11th Lustrum (25th to 27th of April) is the 55th anniversary of EUROAVIA. At this Lustrum 60 participants were in Stuttgart: 17 alumni and students from all over Europe. People from eleven countries where there, even from French Guyana, which sent members of PAM Kourou.


Zero-G adVENTURE 2013

EUROAVIA Toulouse had the honour of hosting its first International Event, the “Zero-G adVENTURE – a conference on Space and Entrepreneurship” in June 2013

The organising team, comprised of permanent members and volunteers, have made a huge effort which was visible in the way the event unfolded: we had a ministerial debriefing on the European Ministerial conference, we had some great workshops on soft skills and debate, we had impressive presentations by people involved in space activities, followed by heated Q & A sessions.