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Lustrum 2014

This year´s 11th Lustrum (25th to 27th of April) is the 55th anniversary of EUROAVIA. At this Lustrum 60 participants were in Stuttgart: 17 alumni and students from all over Europe. People from eleven countries where there, even from French Guyana, which sent members of PAM Kourou.

The Lustrum is a traditional EUROAVIA event which takes place every five years. The last Lustrum was held in Delft in 2009 and lasted three days.

This event, before the EMEAC 2014, should show the EUROAVIA spirit and community and deliver a clear message about our association. The official celebration included presentations from Alumni of EUROAVIA, former presidents or other prestigious people that have been part of or have collaborated with EUROAVIA.

During the Lustrum EUROAVIA shall be celebrated putting focus on EUROAVIAn team spirit. Main topic is the exchange between all AS, PAS, PPAS and AM. The event provides space for a look back at previous events, newly founded local groups, as well as the exchange of experiences of the participants. In the evening, a Gala-Dinner took place.

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Posted: Sunday, October 05, 2014 - 2:16:24 PM