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Affiliated Societies Working Group

The Affiliated Societies Working Group was established during EMEAC 2011 in Lisbon in order to increase the efficiency of communication between Affiliated Societies and the International Board. After EMEAC 2015 in Sevilla, a restructuring of this WG was required by dividing it into three different departments:  

·         Board of Presidents Unit (BoP) 

·         Search & Rescue Unit (SaR) 

·         EUROAVIA Expansion Unit (EAX)

Board of Presidents Unit 

EUROAVIA is divided in 5 European regions (East, South, Middle, German and West). Representatives from each AS which belong to the region are part of this Board of Presidents Unit. The aim of this unit is to establish efficient ways to communicate between neighbouring AS and the IB. 

Regular meetings take place each month throughout the year. They are mostly organized by a region coordinator. In the context of these meetings opportunities from the international level will be brought to the AS and possible occurred problems will be discussed. The AS also explain what they organize locally and exchange ideas. Moreover, an IB responsible will provide assistance during the entire Business Year. 

Furthermore, the BoP’s has been extended to Social Media Networks (Facebook, WhatsApp...) in order to establish quick ways to arrange meetings and share information, apart from the traditional e-mailing list. 

An additional task of this Unit is to help AS by guiding them towards other Working Groups such as: 


· International Events WG to help organizing local and international events and promote participation in international events. 

· Press WG that requires each month at least one Newsletter article per BoP region. 

· IT WG to assist all technical problems such as the mailing system and the Local Groups section on EUROAVIA Website. 

Search & Rescue Unit 

Unfortunately, some AS get lost on the way due to generation gaps or any other issues and disappearing from the EUROAVIA network.  

In order to correct this problem, SaR focuses on those AS that still belong to our network but that are undergoing several issues or with whom communication was lost.  The objective is accomplished by searching for contacts and trying to reactivate them, solving their problems and assisting them throughout the whole process. 


EUROAVIA Expansion Unit (EAX) 

Expanding our EUROAVIA family by reaching more universities in order to keep growing is the main goal of this department.  

They target universities with aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering faculties in order to start a collaboration with them. They get in contact with the different student groups or professors and try to set up a new Affiliated Society (PPAS).  


AS WG members: 

• Juan Manuel Lora Alonso ( AS Sevilla, AS WG Coordinator)

• Daniele Vangone (AS Napoli, AS WG Backup Coordinator)

• Nicola Cimmino (IB President,IB responsible) 


BoP members: 

• Yagmur Gencoglu (AS Istanbul, East Region Coordinator)                        

• Mihaela Capatina (AS Bucharest, Middle Region Coordinator)

• Araceli Herrera Molinero (AS Sevilla, West Region Coordinator)

• Andreea Sfia (AS Bucharest, West Region Backup Coordinator)

• Daniele Vangone (AS Napoli, South Region Coordinator)

• Gaetano Perrotta (AS Napoli, South Region Backup Coordinator)

• Lars Menzel (AS Aachen, German Region Coordinator) 


EAX and SaR members: 

José Santiago Millán Ramírez (PAS Cádiz)

• Belén Chuliá Latorre (AS Valencia)

• Lara Díaz Benito (AS Valencia)

•Anil Yildiz (AS Istanbul)

• Andreea Sfia ( AS Bucharest)

• Rafael Valente (AS Covilha)


Contact: ASWG@euroavia.eu




Last updated: November 14, 2016