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Design Workshop Working Group

Design Workshop Working Group


The Design Workshop Working Group, together with the DeWo/DeCo Foundation, is the organizer of the Design Workshop. The Design Workshop is one of the most challenging competitions that are organized by EUROAVIA, yet the only one organized by an international WG. This amazing event has become a tradition with more than 10 editions since 1991, when it all started. Some examples are the DeWo ’92, ’95 and ’06 collaborating with ESA, ’94 with Aerospatiale or ’97 and ’07 with Rolls-Royce.


Currently, the Design Workshop Working Group (DeWo WG) is arranging a new edition of this competition for 2016, but for this time innovating with the DeWo concept. Thereby, the Dynamic Design Workshop was born.


What is the brand-new DyDeWo? The Dynamic Design Workshop is an even more remarkable event than the traditional DeWo. Basically, this competition will bring together 20 of the best aerospace engineering students from all around Europe in order to compete between them in groups of 5 participants in a top-level engineering challenge, brought by the holding company, for three weeks. What is new on the DyDeWo, is that participants won’t be in just one city for the whole event, though split among 5 different cities hosted by 5 Affiliated Societies of our network.


For the first two weeks the different teams will travel through the four hosting AS experiencing different cultures, learning from the expertise of professionals from ultimate companies and from great professors who will guide them throughout the process with updated knowledge and advices. Then, the last week, will be when the teams will meet in the final AS for the completion of their projects, with the tutorship of the main collaborative company. It will be in there, where a highly-qualified jury formed by companies representatives, the IB and the Foundation representatives will choose the winner.


During the whole event participants will be hosted by the AS, that means that each AS must satisfy the requirement of an international event: Provide accommodation, food and transportation for the guests. In total there would be 24 people travelling between AS, 20 participants plus 4 members of the DeWo WG that will ensure the right execution of the Workshop.


DyDeWo represents dynamism, cultural exchange, hard working, team collaboration and other qualities that are found in the current aerospace sector. Also, collaborating companies expect innovation and great ideas from the young participants. Therefore, among every EUROAVIA’s applicant, the best ones will be selected following a requiring criteria.


List of the DeWo WG members:


  • Henning Kempe (WG Coordinator - DeCo/DeWo Foundation President)
  • Andreea Popescu (IB Responsible)
  • Burak Tarla (DIB 1st Responsible)
  • Félix García Casanova (DIB 2nd Responsible)
  • Nicola Cimmino (DIB 3rd Responsible)
  • Patrick Lorrig (DeCo/DeWo Foundation Secretary)
  • Raluca Ruset (DeCo/DeWo Foundation Treasurer)
  • Diana Alexandra Stefan (AS Bucharest)
  • Victor Ciulei (AS Bucharest)
  • Andre Brazete (AS Covilhã)
  • Michał Malinowski (AS Rzeszów)
  • Daniel Soler Tejada (AS Valencia)





Last updated: June 4, 2015