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International Events WG

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International Events Working Group

Organising an international event is not an easy task. It requires time, energy and committment, not to mention a strong and cohesive team willing to work together for several months. EUROAVIA international events, then, must respect some minimum quality standards reported in article 3.5 of the EUROAVIA Bylaws. It is for all these reasons that the International Events WG was founded during EMEAC 2011 Lisboa, to support (prospective) Affiliated Societies in the fulfillment of these projects.

During the years, the International Events WG has also acquired additional tasks and responsibility, bringing it to have three main areas of responsibility.


International Events Tutoring

As soon as an Affiliated Society decides to organise an international event, the International Events WG assigns a tutor to support the organisation team. The tutor is a person experienced in the organisation of international events that works together with the organisation committee to define a clear timeline to prepare for the event and a task division. Moreover, the tutor is always available to provide tips and tricks for many organisational aspects of the international event (especially about how to attrack sponsors and partners).

If you are an Affiliated Society and you have decided to organise an international event, than contact the International Events WG at internationalevents@euroavia.eu as soon as possible and give a look at the Tutoring page. Take advantage of the great support and experience that this WG is providing!


Air Show participation

Air Shows are a great moment for all aerospace students to see with their own eyes the magnificence and the beauty of what they are studying in their classrooms. Moreover, it are perfect moments for EUROAVIA to be represented at an international level and gain visibility among the top aerospace companies.

The International Events WG, is responsible for coordinating the participation of EUROAVIA members to Air Shows across Europe, providing, whenever possible, a booth and discounted tickets for EUROAVIA representatives.

The members of the International Events WG are:

  • Andreea Sfia (IE WG Coordinator) 
  • Cristian Simion (IE WG Back-up Coordinator) 
  • Cayetano Martinez (AS Cadiz)
  • Andreea Mihaela (AS Bucharest) 
  • Elena Romero (AS Toulouse) 
  • Vachan Srinath (AS Toulouse) 
  • Bianca Bendas (AS Bucharest)
  • Carlos Escrig (AS Valencia)
  • Matthieu Lucas-Leclin (AS Paris)
  • Eduardo Tirado (AS Valencia)
  • Daniel Darling (AS Cadiz)
  • Daniel Garcia Guirao (AS Sevilla)
  • Jorge Pascual (AS Madrid)
  • Blanca Romero (AS Sevilla)
  • Marina Delgado (AS Sevilla)
  • Pablo Flores (AS Cadiz)
  • Fabio Cipriano (AS Covilha)
  • Ayse Bay (1st IB Responsible)
  • Moises Linares (2nd IB Responsible)


The International Events WG can be contacted at internationalevents@euroavia.eu

Last updated: April 1, 2017