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Become a Partner

When you become a partner of EUROAVIA, we will do our utmost best to help you in any way possible to achieve your goals. On this page and the next page you can find several solutions that may provide the solution to your achieving your goals, whether this is recruiting the best students or marketing your company. If you don't find these solutions comprehensive enough, or your idea is not listen, we are dedicated to work with you on a more tailored solution. The options are not limited to the things listed; hosting our magazine or purchasing an international event, covering the travel support of students or participation fee are just a few of the ideas that are not listed here, but are possible. The idea is that for an very affordable price you can reach a the best engineering students Europe has to offer.

There are several ways you support the association by becoming a partner;

1. On an international level, you support the continuation of the voluntary effort of the students who spend time and effort dedicating themselves to advancing the purpose of the association.

2. On a local level you make it easier for normal members to get involved, through better coverage of travel costs and participating costs, creating an equal chance for all students.

There are several ways you can become an international partner to EUROAVIA;

1. On an international level, for which the partner packages (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) can be found beneath. A partner on international level ensures continuous marketing of your company on a European wide level, with constant feedback, ideas and active involvement of your company. These packages form a comprehensive campaign for your company where our 51 years of experience can reach out to more than 10.000 students in engineering.

2. On a local level through an international event, for which you can find the packages at By supporting the affiliated societies in organizing an international event, you make a great experience possible for students and a chance to bring your message directly to the student. It is also possible to organize an international event centered around your ideas and requirements, on a location of your choice on a subject of your choice. This has been very successful in the past and we would be eager to help you with your ideas.

3. Supporting the association in general, through intangible or tangible means. As a non-profit organization, our income equals our expenditures. We remain an easy accessible student association that charges our members with a low membership fee so that we can guarantee that any student can participate, whether he comes from Germany or from the Ukraine. By covering one of our areas of expenditures, such as participants fee or the travel support, you can create an instant change to students around Europe with as little as a few thousand Euros.

Read our Corporate Brochure.

Contact the International Board for further information.

Last updated: May 19, 2015