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CEAS is the Council of European Aerospace Societies formed by Europe’s main professional aerospace societies. Founded in 1993 as the Confederation of European Aerospace Societies in recognition of the increasingly international nature of the aerospace business, in 2003 the transition from Confederation to Council took place with the intention of providing improved collaboration, legal status and use of the resources of the constituent Societies.

Today CEAS comprises sixteen member organizations with a combined roughly 35.000 individual members.

Visit the CEAS website.



Careers International creates transparency in the fast changing world of careers through innovative solutions. On our unique, exclusive recruitment events graduates and young professionals meet in scheduled interviews Recruiters and Line Managers from top international employers. With our innovative OneDayWith-Online Event we enable candidates to identify hidden career opportunities and provide them with an insight into Employer all over the world.

Visit the Careers International website.


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StudyPortals is the European study choice platform. Our mission: "Empowering the world to choose (for) education". Our goal: bringing transparency for students to the wealth of international study opportunities. We are determined to help Universities with easier and more effective international marketing & recruitment solutions.

Visit the Study Portals website.


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EWEM is a 2 year (120 ECTS) master course. The joint first semester and the specific multi-disciplinary and project-oriented teaching will give the student the ability to transfer knowledge and competences beyond his/her specialisation and to embed design choices in a sociotechnical context. The student acquires knowledge in theoretical and applied sciences underlying wind energy systems, and specific competencies necessary to operate in the chosen area of specialization.

The European Wind Energy Master consortium is composed of four Universities, world leaders in Wind Energy and Offshore Wind Energy research and education:

The EWEM prepares graduates for a career in research, both in industry and in academia, and is closely linked to the partners’ research, in particular the large Wind Energy PhD cohort of the four partner universities, of over 130 PhD students.



Qreer.com is an independent technical career board enabling European companies to post vacancies and internships and for applicants to search and apply for these positions throughout Europe.

Qreer.com is a reliable partner for recruiting high qualified (BSc. MSc. PhD) technical professionals. The founders of Qreer.com developed a concept with the sole intention to offer a specialized and more cost effective recruitment solution to both recruiters/ employers and applicants.

Visit the QREER.COM website.

Ila Career


The ILA CareerCenter is the perfect networking platform to get in touch with you professionals. Exhibiting companies have the possibility to present their company portfolio as well as career and entry opportunities. 
The ILA CareerCenter with its attractive event and service offers developed into one of the biggest aerospace job markets in recent years. 

Visit the ILA CareerCenter website.

Youth Pro Aktiv

YouthProAktiv is an organization aiming at creating a generation of proactive individuals ready to invest their talents for the betterment of society by starting their business and creating jobs for themselves and others.

Visit the YPA website.


Last updated: July 27, 2016