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Why becoming a partner

EUROAVIA is active in 39 universities in 19 European Countries all over Europe, bridging the gap between the student and the corporate world. With more than 2000 members the association has the potential to reach more than 50.000 students European wide. We can make it possible for your company to:

Students that are members of our network come from every corner of Europe, bringing along their own knowledge and culture. Throughout the year a broad range of academical, technical and social events are organized for our members, both on an international and local level. By being part of one of our international events, you bring your company under the direct attention of the students. Through company presentations by one of your representatives, the distribution of promotion material directly to the student and the ability to have a one on one conversation and ask questions, one can profoundly achieve a more dynamic interaction than one would get from static promotion.

This creates both a feedback for the company on how effective its approach is and what benefits the students appreciate most in your company. By having a direct connection to students, companies are able to alter their promotion campaign to point out the strengths of the company, better bring their demands across to students and create a loyal following. Throughout the year EUROAVIA organizes a dozen international events, each at a specific location and on a specific topic. Each of these events can be tailor-made to your specific likes, whether this involves a workshop, a company visit or a lecture on a topic by one of your experts.

EUROAVIA offers both companies and students the helping hand in contacting each other. Our working groups are dedicated to help companies and students to get the right internship, graduation project or job. Through marketing campaigns set up with companies, our magazine, career newsletters and established databases of students we can guide the company by approaching the right students. We aim to stimulate young engineers to participate in traineeships, workshop and other opportunities your company want to provide. Through the easy accessible online platforms of EUROAVIA, www.euroavia.eu and eye.euroavia.eu, a site specialized in opportunities, and our career newsletter, we reach our 1600 members instantly. When you become a partner of EUROAVIA, we will do our utmost best to help you in any way possible to achieve your goals. The idea is that for an very affordable price you can reach a the best engineering students Europe has to offer.

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Last updated: May 19, 2015