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Connect with Students

By being part of one of our international events, you bring your company under the direct attention of the students. This is a highly recommendable option to achieve a close interaction with students. Through company presentations by one of your representatives, the distribution of promotion material directly to the student and the ability to have a one on one conversation and ask questions, one can profoundly achieve a more dynamic interaction than one would get from static promotion. This creates both a feedback for the company on how effective its approach is and what benefits the students appreciate most in your company. By having a direct connection to students, companies are able to alter their promotion campaign to point out the strengths of the company, better bring their demands across to students and create a loyal following.

Let students have the opportunity to explore your company. The possibility to have a visit at one of your locations or a workshop at the event itself would make it able for the students to see their future workplace with their own eyes or experience a possible case they would work on later as employee. This experience can change their look on the company for the better and creating a bond of workmanship and cooperation between the student and the company, a relation that is built on mutual trust. Supporting an international event would make it possible for them to have a wonderful experience, a week full of new ideas and new experiences, and they will remember who made it possible. Your support could lower the participation fee, making the event reachable for more students from across Europe, or provide them with the necessities to make an even unforgettable.

Throughout the year EUROAVIA organizes a dozen international events, each at a specific location and on a specific topic. Each of these events can be tailor-made to your specific likes, whether this involves a workshop, a company visit or a lecture on a topic by one of your experts. There are many ways to reach students, and we would like to help you with that.

We offer:

  • The opportunity to connect with students in an informal environment.
  • Active promotion to students through lectures, workshops and company visits

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Last updated: May 19, 2015