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Company Relations WG

The Company Relations Working Group coordinates the contact between the international level of EUROAVIA and companies, academic institutions, research facilities and governments. It aims to build a bridge between the EUROAVIA members and the industry by actively looking for professional opportunities and interesting partnerships. The nature of a partnership can be of multiple origins: financial support, career opportunities or based on mutual benefits. In order to achieve its goals in the most effective way, the Company Relations Working Group is formed by five subunits, managed by a WG coordinator and five subunit coordinators. This policy intends to allow the growth of the team and to make its management an easier task:


  • Brochures Subunit: A brochure is a written platform which adds value and detail to the general info that can be found on our website or social media. EUROAVIA is not only looking for general partnerships but is also supporting international projects and events. This is why we need professional material that will explain them to our potential supporters. This subunit is in charge of developing, updating and checking all the documents in collaboration with the Design WG.

  • Approach Subunit: This team is responsible for contacting companies. They will use the information provided by the Brochures Subunit and the Profiling subunit to ensure the success in their approaches.

  • Crowdfunding Subunit: A new way of funding entrepreneurial projects such as EUROAVIA’s. This subunit is analyzing in depth what EUROAVIA is and which assets does it have and how to target and engage the general public towards our organization.

  • Profiling Subunit: When contacting a company it is necessary to do it in the right way. It is important to know if the company will be interested in what EUROAVIA has to offer and how can they benefit from those opportunities. This subunit is in charge of doing a research task in order to locate the perfect potential partners for EUROAVIA and the proper contacts to start the negotiation. 

  • Company Fair Subunit: In order to connect our students with the industry, a new project has been launched: EUROAVIA Company Fair. This Subunit is in charge of checking the feasibility of the project and developing the idea in order for it to become real in an innovative and professional way. 

 CR WG members:

  • Javier Ferrero Micó (Coordinator & IB First Responsible, IB Treasurer)
  • Juan Manuel Lora Alonso (IB Second Responsible, IB President)

Brochure Subunit

  • Iosif Ionannis Nevradakis (Member, PAS Glasgow)
  • Chiara Zuccotti (Member, PAS Padova)

Approach Subunit

  • Francisco Carvalhõ (Coordinator, AS Covilhã)
  • Philipp Jansche (Member, AS München)
  • Martí Alonso (Member, AS Madrid)
  • Stefan Gheti (Member, AS Bucharest)

Crowdfunding Subunit

  • Marc Giner (Coordinator, AS València)
  • Adrei Predescu (Member, AS Bucharest)
  • Lazaros Papamanolis (Member, AS Thessaloniki)

Profiling Subunit

  • Jacques Duval (Coordinator, AS Paris)
  • Luis Estanqueiro (Member, AS Covilhã)
  • Marco Scarselli (Member, AS Pisa)
  • Pablo López Villén (Member, AS Cádiz)
  • Nikos Kougionis (Member, AS Thessaloniki)

Company Fair

  • Angel Ruy-Díaz (Coordinator, AS Sevilla)
  • Javier Sánchez (Member, AS Madrid)

The Company Relations WG can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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