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Innovation & Development WG

The Innovation and Development Working Group raised with the primary goal to reinforce and improve the structure of EUROAVIA, bring new visions and innovative solutions as a result of creative ideas from its members. It is responsible for:

  • Searching and studying how to implement new ideas that could benefit EUROAVIA;
  • Studying the feasibility of these ideas;
  • Improving and implementing an internal soft skills training system for members, that ensures efficient knowledge transfer within the ranks of the Association.

The main steps ID has established in order to fulfil these requirements are:
As far as the chart can be expounded, the Working Group firstly orients its attention on a brainstorming of ideas, ideas that are afterwards analyzed carefully and debated. After this process ends, another process starts, which is the approval one within it is studied the feasibility of the project/innovation/implementation and the long-term results.
After the work deposed on research, innovation and development, the project eventually starts to be implemented within an AS that shows interest and resources for it. This is the 'hand-over ceremony' part where a Local Group takes responsibility over the project.


Internal structure
ID WG is now split into two main units, each one of those is responsible for different tasks:

  • New Projects' Unit - Main Goal: study the feasibility and implement a technical project involving more AS, implicitly the whole Association.
  • EITS (EUROAVIA Internal Training System) Unit - Main Goal: to implement a EITS at both local and international level, develop it and keeping a track of trainers.

To begin with, the New Projects Unit was founded this Business Year and its aims are to research and implement a technical (or not necessarily) project that involves as many participants as possible according to the resources of the hosting AS and the resources of EUROAVIA International. By now, ID WG has been doing technical reports to be used for further studies and analysis. There had been studied ideas of projects that can be made in short periods of time (from one to two weeks), but also projects that can have the timeline extended for half a year.
The settlement of the unit will be made after the first technical project 'hand-over'.
The New Project's Unit strategy is to brainstorm possible future ideas of projects that can be made at international level and could involve as many AS as possible. For now, 2017 will be busy in finding, analyzing, deciding and both innovating and developing a project (or projects) that can take place in the following Business Year.
ID WG already did it with Leadership WORKSHOP, so this would be one of the next great project to take care of.

Regarding EITS Unit, its aims are to develop, improve and implement an internal training system with EUROAVIA trainers and internal material about leadership and management skills. In addition to that, ID WG will take care of young and uprising trainers as well as establishing a regular cycle process to ensure knowledge transfer. This would help new leaders to achieve efficiently and purposefully EUROAVIA targets and strategies in all levels.
The plan of action for this project started back in summer 2015 with the creation and adjustment to EUROAVIA of an internal unified manual about leadership and project management. This manual will be the internal knowledge-transfer material source, which will be updated in the future. The contents are mainly soft skills and project management definitions, descriptions, internal examples and recommendations.
The EITS Unit strategy is to build up an actual system involving our 17 trainers and to design its own roadmap. Moreover, it will track trainers' deliveries and materials of those (if possible). ID WG is willing to ensure the basis of the system, providing it with a strong structure that will help it finding its own way and being independent after some adjustments. Now, with the help from trainers and the work from members, this task is easier achievable.
Another topic ID WG wants to develop is, together with CR WG, finding more partners in order for our trainers to share experience, knowledge and, what is most important, training sessions with other parties, not only inside EUROAVIA.

Together with IE WG and IB, the WG is looking for opportunities within our International Events for the trainers to perform at.

Board Team Name

  • Bianca Moldovanu (Coordinator)
  • Octav Alexan (Backup Coordinator)
  • Moisés Linares Muñoz (1st IB Responsible)
  • Lerten Viroux (2nd IB Responsible)
  • Bianca Bendas (EITS Unit 1st Responsible)
  • Mihalis Efthymiadis (New Projects Unit Responsible)

 EITS Unit Members 

  • Victor Vassilopoulous (Member, AS Athens)
  • Adriano Andrade (Member, AS Covilhã)
  • Melvin Benny (Member, PAS Carlow)
  • Nicola Cimmino (FIB President)
  • Rares Bisag (Member, AS Bucharest)
  • Belal Zahda (Member, AS Berlin)

 New Projects Unit

  • Jorge Sancho Muñoz (Member, AS Valencia)
  • Raghu Vamsi (Member, AS Toulouse)
  • Sonali Batra (Member, AS Toulouse) 

The strategy regarding the members is to work within the WG with the ones that are already in here. In the meantime, a call for the 17 trainers to join the ID WG has been made. If there are more people interested to adhere to the WG, they will be welcome.
Because ID WG wants to improve communication, it will have regular meetings. There will be a meeting per week within the ID WG (EITS Unit, New Projects Unit and ID WG General Meeting). Monthly, feedback forms will be shared so that it could help increasing our work performance.

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