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The Press Working Group is in charge of spreading the EUROAVIA News both internally and externally, through the members and collaborators, by preparing and publishing the EUROAVIA Newsletter and the EUROAVIA Magazine. Thus, it can keep EUROAVIAns updated on our work and the actuality.

EUROAVIA Newsletter

The EUROAVIA Newsletter is the product for the internal communication. It is delivered every two months in digital format and its contents are:

  •  Articles and reports written by the different LGs, WGs and (D)IB;
  •  Career Opportunities Section, from our sponsors and partners;
  •  Quizzes;
  •  Announcements about future conferences, workshops or symposia in the aerospace sector.

The Press WG edits all these contributions and news creating the EUROAVIA Newsletter and then sends it to the entire EUROAVIA network.

If you would like to write a contribution for the next Newsletter, here it is a Contributions Guidelines in which you can find what and how to write an article for the Newsletter.

Check out the Contribution Guidelines

The past Newsletters can be read here 

Check out the Newsletters Archive

EUROAVIA Magazine 

The Magazine is supposed to be an instrument to show off the values of our association, our professionalism and our commitment to reach a professional growth in the aerospace sector. Mainly for companies and also for EUROAVIAns, it has to deliver the idea of success, in order to increase our credibility and have a better chance to get new sponsorships and more satisfied members.  

It is also a way to say “Thank you” to who has supported us so far. 

The Magazine will be 20-30 pages, composed of:  

  • Interviews with professors and professionals  
  • Technical articles about student’s projects  
  • Picture contest  
  • A collection of the best newsletter articles  
  • Companies’ articles and their advertisement  

Every EUROAVIAns is welcomed to contribute to this project! 

If you know a great professor in your University or a professional in the aerospace sector you would like to interview, if you are part of a technical project or you have an interesting thesis you may want to share with EUROAVIA, as well as if you’re a good photographer and you have great pictures about aeronautics stuff, send us an email and we will give you more information about these things. 


The members of the Press WG are: 

  • Valentina Luchetti (Coordinator, AS Pisa) 
  • Gonzalo Dìaz (Backup Coordinator, AS Madrid) 
  • Moisés Linares Muñoz (IB First Responsible, AS Valencia) 
  • Ayşe Bay (IB Second Responsible, AS Ankara) 
  • Juan Manuel LoraAlonso (AS Sevilla) 
  • Antonio Luperini (Member, AS Pisa) 
  • Camille Lancelin (Member, AS Paris) 
  • Lidia Motfolea (AS Bucuresti) 
  • Gero Foerster (Member, AS Bremen) 
  • Guglielmo Cellari (Member, AS Pisa) 
  • Francesco Di Lauro (AS Pisa) 
  • Mattia Maltauro (AS Padova) 

The Press WG can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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In EUROAVIA we believe in the European spirit of friendship and collaboration. We cultivate a truly international atmosphere across our Association, and we value the diversity and the passion of our members as our greatest resources.

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