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Statutes & Bylaws

The Statutes and Bylaws Working Group takes care of the Statutes and the Bylaws of EUROAVIA. This work includes every effort to study, monitor and update the international EUROAVIA Statutes and Bylaws.

The EUROAVIA Statutes and Bylaws define the scope of our activities and determine the way the association operates. By its foundation, EUROAVIA has been officially registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) by submitting the official EUROAVIA Statutes, which define the purpose of EUROAVIA and the basic rules and regulations for its operation. Over the course of the years, a new official document was drafted, the EUROAVIA Bylaws, that contain additional detailed rules and regulations that are necessary for the proper functioning of the association.

The EUROAVIA Statutes and Bylaws correspond to the contemporary needs of the association and need to be amended from time to time. The primary task of the S&B WG members is to make themselves aware of the changes that need to be done to the rules and procedures, prepare the necessary proposals for amending the Statutes and Bylaws and spread the proposals to all the members of EUROAVIA. These proposals will be discussed during the upcoming congress and the EUROAVIA members will decide upon their effectiveness and legality by voting. Should the proposals be approved by the congress, the next step is to update the EUROAVIA Statutes and Bylaws including all the approved proposals.

By becoming a member of the Statutes & Bylaws Working Group, one can enhance his/her knowledge in legal and procedural matters of EUROAVIA, gain insight in handling legal documents and leave a personal stamp on EUROAVIA! It will also enable each member to use his/her creativity in dealing with a problem from different perspectives and improve his communication and teamwork skills with the aim to achieve a specific goal.

The members of the Statutes and Bylaws WG are:

  • Gaetano Perrotta (Coordinator, AS Napoli)
  • Valentina Luchetti (IB First Responsible, IB Secretary)
  • Juan Manuel Lora Alonso (IB Second Responsible, IB President)
  • Javier Ferrero Mico (IB Second Responsible, IB Treasurer)
  • David Leiser (IB Second Responsible, IB Executive Member)
  • Yağmur Gençoğlu (Member, AS Istanbul)
  • Luis Estanqueiro (Member, PAS Carlow)
  • Luis Miguel Batista Bouton (Member, AS Càdiz)

The Statutes & Bylaws WG can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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