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  • President:  Andreas Lianos  
  • Secretary:  Efstratios Rigas  
  • Treasurer:  Paul Pantazis
  • Human Resources:  Vasilis Mageirakos 
  • Public Relations:  Ian Papadopoulos
  • Webmaster:  Niki Patrinopoulou 
University:  University of Patras
EUROAVIA member since: 
Website:  http://patras.euroavia.eu 
Address: Panepistimioupoli Patron,  26504 Patras Greece
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About the City: Patras is the capital of the Achaia prefecture, which is located in the Northwestern part of Peloponissos, the four-finger hand-shaped piece of land in the Southwest part of Greece (Hellas). It is located 215km Western of Athens and 100km Northern of Olympia. The city of Patras has approximately quarter of a million inhabitants, including the surrounding suburbs of Rio and Paralia (Beach). Almost one-fifth of the people leaving in Patras are students of the University of Patras, in Rio, and the Technical Educational Institute (TEI), which makes the city a pretty young and lively one, throughout the year.
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