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Local Board 
  • President: Enrique garcía Palomares
  • Vice-president: Víctor Kovács Martínez
  • Secretary:  Antonio Manuel Alonso Arias
  • Treasurer:  Manuel Francisco Fernández Melgosa
  • Executive member: Antonio Bravo Ortega
  • Executive member: Beatriz Alfonso Palés
  • International Contact Member: Rebeca Carretero García
  • Webmaster: Luis Yepes Llorente
University:  Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros, Sevilla
EUROAVIA member since:  2008
Website: https://sevilla.euroavia.eu/

Camino de los Descubrimientos s/n, 41092, Sevilla, España

About the Local Group: 

A picture of the  Local Board 2020-2021: 

Foto de la Junta

From left to right:  Manuel Francisco Fernández Melgosa, Víctor Kovács Martínez, Beatriz Alfonso Palés, Antonio Manuel Alonso Arias, Rebeca Carretero García, Antonio Bravo Ortega, Luis Yepes Llorente and Enrique García Palomares.

About the City:

Seville´s metropolitan area is considered very successful due to its business and industrial developments. Being the political and the administrative capital of Andalusia, it houses the most important public and private centers. The city is easily accessible and well connected. 

Seville is a medium built-up, urban area in a European context and full of life. Its metropolitan environment is home to 1.500.000 people, of which 689.000 inhabitants actually are from Seville originally. 

Because of Seville´s privileged location, this city is provided with one of Spain´s airports with the most international connections. 

From an industrial point of view, other important projects up and running apart from the ¨Aerópolis¨ are; the new ¨Tecnópolis Sevilla-Alcalá¨, the new Heineken factory, the extension of the Renault-Nissan factory, the technological center of ¨Palmas Altas del Grupo Abengoa¨, and the new ground plan of the EADS-CASA air force assembly. 
All in all, Seville offers the perfect combination between a great quality of life and a business environment. 
While Seville is a place to invest in and to work in, above all, it´s a place to live in.

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