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iSpace School

It’s a pleasure to announce our new partner, iSpace School!

iSpace School

International Space School is a new emerging player in the field of space education. They are the first and only one who provide a Master in Space Economy and are specialized in other specific space-related courses. In addition to their classes, they also give webinars, project works and lectures from top experts from space industries and Forbes.


The first official EUROAVIA Online International Event

Here is a question for you: what is an international student association with a lack of international events? Well, we can say for sure that it is not EUROAVIA. We had our first Online International Event, since the pandemic started, this past week. This event, organized by the International Events WG, lasted four days and gathered 40 members in six lectures and four lively evenings, all around the topic of “EUROAVIA – Much More Than an Association”. Here is how this week went:


AS Napoli March Report

Curious about the first workshop regarding the analysis of racing cars' rear wing? Last time we told you about this new event called "CFD Challenge for Design, build the wings of your racing cars!". Finally, we are allowed to talk more about this topic and its structure.


Interview with Lars Menzel

 “It is not possible to explain the wonderful experience you can have during an EUROAVIA International Event unless you live it yourself". This is the advice that Lars Menzel gives to all EUROAVIAns.

Since he was a kid, Lars has been amazed by the Space Shuttle that he defines as a “technical masterpiece”. This was an impulse that made him wanting to become an engineer that, one day, will work in the aerospace field helping to develop new strategies for the space exploration. Originally from the south of Germany, he carried out his studies in Mechanical Engineering at RTWH University in Aachen, Germany, specialising on “Simulations of Dynamics and Vibrations”. He’s currently doing his PhD in Braunschweig, also in Germany, in this same field of study, which will allow him to get a broad and deep view into how vibrations interact with diverse environments.


AS Napoli's February events

We began the month of February with the second episode of our series: #EANaChats.

This time the main themes were gender equality and the gender pay gap. The idea was born after some private messages between us and an international association: Women in Aerospace Europe, Local Group of Rome. The project requested more than a month of preparation, due to its complexity and the vastness of the argument.


A new partner: Valispace

EUROAVIA is extremely proud and happy to announce a new collaboration with a new partner: Valispace, the smart collaboration platform for engineers. We are truly honoured to have them as our partners because Valispace is widely employed by innovative leader companies in several engineering fields to keep their projects and missions under control. We are talking about companies such as Airbus, ESA, Momentus, ispace, etc.

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