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AMEAC 2019, Lisbon

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Every year the EUROAVIA community gathers to discuss and decide the most important aspects regarding our association in an event called AMEAC- Annual Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress.

 This year’s destination was no other than the beautiful and vibrant capital of Portugal and AS Lisboa’s  organization was undoubtedly without blemish.

So, whether you are a veteran in terms of EUROAVIA Congresses or you are just starting to feel triggered about how our association works, here’s a complete overview of what happened during AMEAC 2019.

AMEAC2019 1

EUROAVIAns gathered on the 6th of October,  one day before the main event,  to take part in ExMEAC- The Extraordinary Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress. The main purpose of this event was to listen to the motivations and ambitions of EUROAVIAns eager to step up and take the responsibility in leading the association.

The result of the afternoon was the completion of the International Board 2019-2020, having Isabel Moreno joining the three Designated International Board Members that the EA Congress elected in EMEAC 2019- Jure Zubak, Jordi Diaz and Patrik Car.

Thenceforth, four days of Business Meetings have followed with reports of every Local Group and Working Group being presented, with motions being voted and the International Board brining in front of the Congress the results of their one year work in the form of the Business and Financial Plans.

The most notable decisions taken include changing the name of the Company Relations Working Group into Business Relations Working Group. The members of the Congress agreed that the latter better describes the activities undertaken by this WG.

The International Events Calendar for the next six month was presented, making the beginning of 2020 seem exciting with a Fly-In in the beautiful province of Bordeaux, the already established TNT taking place in Munich and EMEAC-The Electoral Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress being hosted in Carlow, Ireland.

ie calendar poster 01 2019 2020

After presenting their remarkable activities, the Congress accepted PAM LPU as AM, making them the only EUROAVIA Adjunct Member in the Indian continent and only the second one worldwide. We warmly welcome them inside our association and wish them all the best in all the activities they take on.

Last but not least, mentions should be made of AS Cadiz that won the EUROAVIA Cup for 2018-2019. We congratulate them and wish every LG good luck in receiving this award in the Business Year that has just begun.

AMEAC2019 2

Finally, the Congress ended with the handover ceremony with one International Board leaving office and another taking their place and the long anticipated Hikkeli Mikkeli presentation. For those of you that don’t know what this is, we have good news:  EMEAC 2020 in Carlow will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the exciting traditions and customs that make EUROAVIA Congresses so special and unforgettable.

With the Congress officially closed, EUROAVIAns dressed up and headed to the Final Dinner that took place on the banks of the Tejo River.

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