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June arrived with its hot temperature: in Naples, it was time for the first swim of the year, but EUROAVIA Napoli still didn't stop its activities!

On the 6th of June, several of our members attended the Electoral Meeting to partake into the associative life. This year, thanks to the Working Groups, we trained people who decided to apply for the Local Board 2021/22! They have experienced every part of our work: from the technologies behind the website, throughout relations with the companies, to more about communication and social campaigns! In this way, they had been able to broaden the horizons for deciding their role:now we can present the new Designated Local Board!

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President: Raffaele Aucelli. His career lasted more than four years. At first, he was an executive member for two years, then he became the treasurer for the past two associative years.
Secretary: Miriam Marino. She knew first EUROAVIA International, attending some international events, then she experienced EUROAVIA Napoli’s visits and seminaries. During the pandemic year, she was elected as executive member, and after several months she applied to take part in the International Design Working Group.
Treasurer: Raffaele Colamarino. He has always been an active member  of our association, joining in events, and he was a participant in our first online Workshop in 2019/20, Unmanned Advanced Solutions. Due to this experience, he decided at the time to run for the role of executive member.
International Editor Member: Lucia Ruocco. From her first year at the university, she decided to improve her spoken English. She found the solution in International & Local Events of EUROAVIA. She entered International Design Working Group and then our local Communication Working Group.
Executive Member: Maria Mattiello. When we opened the Working Groups she was an active and prepositive member. She found the opportunity to put her mind into something new. How? She took part in all our opened Working Group, the Business Relations, the Communication and the Information Technology one!
Executive Member: Robert Kellogg. His insight in the association started with a seminar about space launchers. From that point, He never gave up, getting involved in everything concerning the association. For example, during the Minidrone Competition, he stood out due to his enthusiasm, and then he became a member of the Information Technology Working Group.
Executive Member: Pasquale Scutiero. He has been into the association’s network for so many years. He joined all the workshops we held from 2018,always as a Team Leader! In the last one, which was held online, his team was even the winner! He then attended all the Working Group opened to the non-Local Board members.

This June the experience of the Local Board members merged with the grit of the Designated Local Board. It is necessary to hand over the reins and start, in September, the new Associative year!
With the Summer Solstice, the 21st of June, we organized a new event called "Training New Engineers": it lasts three days, the 21st, 23rd, and25th. We will talk about it next month!

Stay all safe!

AS Napoli

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