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AS Napoli March Report

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Curious about the first workshop regarding the analysis of racing cars' rear wing? Last time we told you about this new event called "CFD Challenge for Design, build the wings of your racing cars!". Finally, we are allowed to talk more about this topic and its structure.

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We want you to remember that this event was realized in collaboration with the association "UniNa Corse Electric Team" which, year by year, aims to build a racing car to participate in the competition "Formula CAE". In addition, we have got the patronage from the "Ordinedegliingegneri di Napoli" and the "Dipartimento di IngegneriaIndustrialedell'UniversitàdegliStudi di Napoli Federico II".

Getting to the core of the issuehere is what the challenge was about: the CFD event lasted one week, from the 26th of February to the 7th of March. After a general introduction, held by professor Flavio Farroniprofessor Luigi Nele and the director of the Industrial Engineering Department Nicola Bianco, we started off the event. The first phase was the formation day, in which the aerodynamics professor Renato Tognaccini and the mechanics professor Flavio Farroni, provided the participants with most of the theoretical knowledge they were going to need. Additionally, there was another contribution by the head of the aerodynamics section of UniNa Corse E-Team, Luciano Daliento, who delved into the basics of the Computational Fluid Dynamics software Ansys.

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The competitive phase then began with the sorting of the teams and the assignment of the task. The objective was to deliver an original design of a racing car's rear wing, supported by the results of an Ansys experimentation.During the week of the workshop, the participants had to prepare a technical report to hand over to us. That report was the basis for their evaluation. The winning team, called "Nankurunaisa", managed to reach an optimal trade-off between downforce and efficiency. Regardless of the winners, each team achieved great results, proving that in a short amount of time they managed to acquire and utilize new skills. 

Right after the CFD event ended, EUROAVIA Napoli together with EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna and EUROAVIA Pisa, organized a recreational event: the Game Night, which was a moment to relax and chill. The event was also a training session for the ReBull Campus Clutch and the whole night was streamed on Twitch. Despite the pandemic, we found a way to open the doorof our headquarter once again, but this time we are doing it online through Discord! You can join it to either take a coffee, or having a studying session, or just playing your favorite game in good company.

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