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Bionic Studio Challenge by Heinkel Group for EUROAVIA

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Bionic Challenge 1

Together with our partner Heinkel Group, EUROAVIA is heading towards the future of production. Heinkel Group supports companies with engineering knowledge, recruitment and consulting. They are a dynamic team eager to support the young generation, to prepare them to succeed in professional and personal development.

Moreover, it is supporting the European spirit and thus EUROAVIA by bringing the future of the aerospace community together to learn and build up a personal network! 

Bionic studio, that is a Heinkel Group department, is an additive manufacturing expert and it:

  • enables the future of 3D Printing in companies;
  • using Topology optimization and bionic design;
  • creates Reports (Test Plan, Test Report, Justification Report, etc.);
  • advises companies in implementing additive manufacturing in the serial production.

Through the Bionic Studio Challenge by Heinkel Group for EUROAVIA, Bionic studio and EUROAVIA give you the chance to learn about the future of manufacturing and compete with teams from all over Europe.

Topic of the Challenge

  • Design of a lightweight end-of-arm tool for an ergonomic lifting robot

                           Design of a lightweight end-of-arm tool for an ergonomic lifting robot

  • Equipment boxes have to be fixed on the structure. A robot is used to lift different equipment to the structure and position it precisely;
  • You will design the tool at the end of the robot arm. It has to be as light as possible to not exceed the lifting capacity;
  • More information will be sent after registration


  • The winning team will be invited on a 2-day-trip to Hamburg and will be able to meet the Bionic studio team as well as learn more about the regional aerospace industry;
  • First three places receive their part printed as a prototype;
  • Get a participation certificate to show your learning to future employers;
  • Depending on the University you might be able to use the challenge for your degree. (You have to take care of that)

Rules & Regulations

  • The competition is for motivated students with basic knowledge of statics, FEM and CAD systems;
  • The participation must be done in team of 3 students and the majority of the team (2 out of 3 members) has to be EUROAVIA members from one AS;
  • Hand in your project not later than 15th of May 2018 23:59 CET;
  • The program of the 2-day-tour in Hamburg will be determined by Heinkel. Scheduling is done in close communication with Heinkel.  Accommodation and transport will be provided and booked by Heinkel;
  • Heinkel Group does not provide any software applications. We recommend using Fusion 360 and the HyperWorks workbench as student versions;
  • The working language is English;
  • Participants cannot be organizers from EUROAVIA or Heinkel;
  • Heinkel will handle your personal data for the competition;
  • By submitting an entry, you consent that Heinkel can publish your name and your entry publicly in any media or format in any and all locations worldwide;
  • Your entry is your own original work;
  • There can be changes in organization or in the design task.  They will be communicated via email. Heinkel reserves the right to limit the number of participants;
  • Judging criteria are published, the judges have some leeway to decide.

Apply here: https://goo.gl/hgVDET

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