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Interview with Bianca Moldovanu, AS Bucharest

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"Although there are many good qualities to point out about EUROAVIA, the people are the best part because they are actually what is all about. Connections between people are impactful and long-lasting" - says Bianca Moldovanu, a PhD student from AS Bucharest and Development Engineer at High Performance Structures Romania, a space technology company.

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Bianca became part of our family seven years ago starting from zero, like everyone does when arriving in a new place. Then, she started to get involved and grew from there. She was aware that being part of an association is a long process and that she had to go through all the steps to reach the top. Keeping this idea in mind, she decided to participate in the first TNT. Since then, she has been involved in different roles within EUROAVIA as well as conducting several trainings both in our and other associations.

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Although Bianca has always been a member of our Association, her level of involvement has not always been the same throughout. Instead of looking back thinking that she could have done more from the beginning and regretting it, she sees it as a life lesson: "One day, out of the blue, you wake up and realize how many things you have achieved and how much you have learned. All these years have taught me when to step in and when to step back and it is nice that years later from when I became a member, I still feel that my relationship with the Association is close, it feels like home".

To conclude, Bianca wishes that International Events come back soon so that she can keep spreading the EUROAVIA Spirit all around Europe.

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