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Interview with Yağmur Gençoğlu

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“It is the way we talk about EUROAVIA and our experience in the association what impresses other students and encourages them to experience what we experience.”


Yagmur Gencoglu was the IB Secretary during the year 2016-2017. She has recently graduated from GE’s Edison Engineering Development Program and is currently working as a Design Engineer in General Electric Aviation. At the same time, she is doing her Master’s on Aeronautical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University where she also studied her Bachelor’s.


Yagmur joined EUROAVIA in 2015 and attended AMEAC Leuven that same year. She also participated in the FoWo in Rzeszow and in the EMEAC Valencia 2016, where she ran for the IB. “When you think about an election, most people would first think of how stressful it is. But now when I look at that day, I remember it as a great day. Even though I didn’t know most of the people at the event before getting to Valencia, I felt I was surrounded by sincere friendship. All the candidates spent the day together and the IB and hosts were coming in and out of the room all the time. The connections we made were much more important than the results.”


EUROAVIA has given Yagmur the opportunity to work on her passion without losing the fun on it as well as teaching her not to mix personal relations and work. “After a long and tiring congress day with heated discussions, all of us went out together and didn’t let anything affect our friendship. This is something I try to apply in my life and I feel that this behavior influences others to act similar”.


Yagmur thinks that what keeps EUROAVIA alive is the connection between the members and the way we talk about our experience in the association. It is this enthusiasm what makes others want to experience the same feeling. “In order to keep things working, I had to be in contact with people all the time which resulted in making a lot of friends. It is great that as we accomplish amazing things we always prioritize the fun.”

This interview made Yagmur remember memories she thought she had forgotten and friends she hasn’t seen for a long time. “I can’t be other than grateful for the amazing connection I had and still have with EUROAVIA and the people I’ve met. They have a very dear place to me. Thanks to all the EUROAVIAns who are keeping the organization and spirit alive and thriving!”


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