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Interview with Bianca Moldovanu, AS Bucharest

"Although there are many good qualities to point out about EUROAVIA, the people are the best part because they are actually what is all about. Connections between people are impactful and long-lasting" - says Bianca Moldovanu, a PhD student from AS Bucharest and Development Engineer at High Performance Structures Romania, a space technology company.


News from Napoli

"Crazy busy" is not an idiom that we love to use. It's easy to discover the reasons behind it. More and more medicians teach that give a "color code" to things helps people in giving priority: red indicates the Emergency, it will be handle quickly; orange is less time-sensitive than the red code; green is an Emergency you can take care of when you are free. The last code I think is the most important: white indicates that there's nothing you can do so you must let it go. When you approach whit this reading-key, you can identify the Association Priority.


Quarantine Diaries: AS Napoli

Quarantine is the new search for ourselves. You see, there is only one universal principle: "life is too short to waste time." EUROAVIA shell is responsible to spread the aerospace culture in every way. Thanks to technology, we can break down the wall and be near to our members, in this terrible period of our life.


AMEAC 2019, Lisbon

Every year the EUROAVIA community gathers to discuss and decide the most important aspects regarding our association in an event called AMEAC- Annual Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress.

 This year’s destination was no other than the beautiful and vibrant capital of Portugal and AS Lisboa’s  organization was undoubtedly without blemish.

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Our Values

In EUROAVIA we believe in the European spirit of friendship and collaboration. We cultivate a truly international atmosphere across our Association, and we value the diversity and the passion of our members as our greatest resources.

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