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Lovely news from India!

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It is an absolute pleasure for us to share with all of you the achievements of EUROAVIA LPU in our begining.

Firstly, let us introduce you our team. EUROAVIA LPU is led by Suraj Patil, Vishal Singh, Rajat Kulkarni, Rajkumar Khorwal, and Mahima Chaudhary. All of them are students of Aerospace Engineering from Lovely Professional University. Under the guidance of their Head of Department, they have come out with a really good performance as a team.

In our first months, we have organised two events: HORSEPOWER and Paperika, both of which have had close to 100 participants from their university alone.


HORSEPOWER was a workshop on reciprocating engines aimed at providing practical hands-on experience to the students with an engine. The head of the department Dr. JVM Lal consented to be the instructor of the workshop. The participants with great enthusiasm to the workshop and attended in great numbers.

IMG20190224131439 IMG20190224132514


Paperika was a Paperplane design competition hoping that one of the students could figure out the way to make the best plane and shatter records. However, it was not that simple to breach the world record of nearly 227 feet but participants did manage to reach distances close to a hundred feet.

 IMG20190419185705  IMG20190419185727  IMG20190419185812


Kind regards from India!

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