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We proudly present you our new partner: SimScale!

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SimScale is a computer-aided engineering software, based on cloud computing.

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It allows its users to run Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD – it's a science that, with the help of digital computers, produces quantitative predictions of fluid-flow phenomena based on the conservation laws governing fluid motion), Finite Element Analysis (FEA – it's the simulation of any given physical phenomenon using the numerical technique to reduce the number of physical prototypes and experiments and optimize components in their design phase to develop better products, faster while saving on expenses) and thermal simulations. Due to its cloud-based platform, SimScale can run more simulations than traditional local computer-based systems, and ultimately iterate more design changes. It also supports all standard 3D files so that users can use the CAD system they prefer. 

Furthermore, SimScale also organizes webinars about different engineering topics such as 3D printers, F1 aerodynamics, etc. to make simulation technologies more popular among hobbyists and designers. 

They will give each EUROAVIA technical team 5,000 private core hours of CFD and FEA simulations, apart from the organized webinars about CFD and FEA. This is a fantastic opportunity for the Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop! 

You can fill in this form to get the license.


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