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As the pandemic is challenging everyone, keeping us from meeting at the university or getting in touch with each other through local and international events, we, AS Forlì-Bologna, have started a new cycle of Online Conference Calls to entertain our members while teaching them about interesting aerospace topics.

We believe that the opportunity to directly interact with experts in this sector is always highly rewarding, because it allows to build a bridge between the academic and industrial worlds. We would also like to underline the fact that all the conferences are held in English, so that members from every AS can participate.

After the conference we held in October with astrophysicist Julio Gallegos, who explained his current work on two ESA missions, BepiColombo and Euclid, we gladly hosted a member of EUROAVIA Alumni, Flavio Tosi.

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Flavio became a member of EUROAVIA back in 1987, when he was a student at the Politecnico of Milan, and since then he never stopped contributing to the Association. Before talking about the main topic of the conference, he kindly shared some memories of his experience in EUROAVIA, showed us some photographs, like the one of the Congress held in 1990 in Berlin, which were very inspiring. Afterwards, he moved on to the core of his presentation: start-ups. Thanks to his long-lasting work on start-ups in Italy that began in 2009, he was able to give useful suggestions for young engineers who want to approach the innovation world, underlying the fact that there are no fixed rules in business, and that all the information was just from his experience. The main tips he gave us were not to be afraid of speaking and expressing ourselves, to pick out the right people when starting a new project and to always look for what people need, because it is by meeting a demand that you can find financing and truly innovate. The participants were very interested in this topic and asked some questions that Flavio was happy to answer, with the same pleasant attitude that he had throughout the whole conference.

forli ns november2
In the second conference of the month we hosted Niccolò Bellini, an aerospace engineer who is currently working at NPC Spacemind, which is the aerospace division of the company N.P.C. New Production Concept.

This conference differed from the usual ones for two reasons. Firstly, it was divided into two parts: in the first one, Niccolò held a theoretical presentation to explain the basic structure of satellites and their main applications. He also examined the problem of space debris and suggested some of the possible solutions designed so far; then, in the second part, the participants were brought to a virtual visit of the company’s laboratories, where some of the space components that were previously explained were shown. In fact, the goal of the company is to provide solutions for nano satellites, CubeSats and other similar space related applications. This leads us to the second difference: the guide during the visit was a very special guest, Paolo Matteoni, who is an aerospace engineer of our age and friend of ours. He carried out his internship in the company while he was graduating at the University of Bologna.

Paolo’s guided visit through the company has been very appreciated by the participants, who could identify with him, being young engineers. Jules from AS Bordeaux says: “Very interesting, it was nice to learn more about space debris, which is definitely a tough issue, and to have a tour and a showcase of the components: it gave a totally different dimension to the conference!”. Alessia from our AS also has no doubts: “The conference was really interesting and both the speakers were really prepared. Learning about the future of such important topics of the aerospace sector has increased my knowledge and has pushed me to carry out a research to get some more information on my own. Thank you EUROAVIA!”.

This is all for this month, we hope to see you at our December conferences!

AS Forlì-Bologna, November 2020

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