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"Crazy busy" is not an idiom that we love to use. It's easy to discover the reasons behind it. More and more medicians teach that give a "color code" to things helps people in giving priority: red indicates the Emergency, it will be handle quickly; orange is less time-sensitive than the red code; green is an Emergency you can take care of when you are free. The last code I think is the most important: white indicates that there's nothing you can do so you must let it go. When you approach whit this reading-key, you can identify the Association Priority.

Our love is traducing by doing the best for our Members, in events, job opportunities, proposals to internships, but this code is orange. We prefer to use this expression: "The parents must kiss their son during the night". The most we can do is when the Association is no under the reflector. In this way, we started a process that conduces us to a revolution a few months ago: we worked with a supply agency to hold an Extraordinary Meeting. It was necessary to have access to the presentation of project initiatives in national, regional, and international Bandi for proposals. We safeguard the Association guidelines and we discover that it was only a formality, in our substance and our substratum we don't change.

Now we are working on the last details and bureaucratic documents to end this procedure. We are also involved in drafting Internal Rules to specify the best way to act into the association in a foreword-looking approach. After resolving this red code, we worked to allow our associates to discover a new world, composed of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Thanks to the Partnership with Green Tech Solution and Officina Studenti (we talked about it a few times), we had a streaming event on our Facebook pages, under the name "Drone Calibration Test". Initially, this was thought of as a non-online event, with social distancing security, but the last developments don't permit. All of our members were fully satisfied even because they can watch the video on our YouTube channel.

It wasn't possible to reduce the event to only a few hours. We started to introduce the "calibration & mission planning" world to our followers through social content a week ago. In this pandemic world, social networks have an orange priority in establishing a link whit our members. The "fiscal events" have a white code. Now, we have to focus on our mission and vision. Focusing on events that we can't do is deleterious.

We have in our building site some projects, we are waiting only at the end of the pandemic to make them real. Meanwhile, we are working to allow all of you to participate in some new "online project". On the 30th of October, we were a special guest on local radio, to talk about our reality. It will be a surprise when they publish the interview during the next month, so we request to stay tuned on our socials to discover it. It was in Italian, but we'll provide it to translate in the next monthly report.

We are not "crazy busy": We are busy, but everything has a priority.

We hope you stay all fine and safe, we can't wait to see you as soon as possible!


AS Napoli, October 2020

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