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The first official EUROAVIA Online International Event

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Here is a question for you: what is an international student association with a lack of international events? Well, we can say for sure that it is not EUROAVIA. We had our first Online International Event, since the pandemic started, this past week. This event, organized by the International Events WG, lasted four days and gathered 40 members in six lectures and four lively evenings, all around the topic of “EUROAVIA – Much More Than an Association”. Here is how this week went:


The event kicked off on Monday afternoon with the opening ceremony by the IE WG members, which welcomed everyone participating in the event. Then, the Monday feeling disappeared with the start of the ITAérea Conference, the first business school worldwide specialized in airports and aeronautical management. Mr. Rodrigo Tavares held an inspiring webinar about sustainability in airports, focusing on Salvador da Bahia airport, the most sustainable in Brazil. The first day ended with ice-breaking games in collaboration with the ETS WG, which allowed all the participants to meet each other with various games and say their goodbyes to this Monday dancing and sharing jokes. I know what you are thinking, “a dancing party on ZOOM?” Yes, it may sound a bit strange, but everyone had fun dancing; it felt like we were all in the same nightclub, only with our pajamas or comfy clothes.

We began the second day of the event with a presentation of the history of EUROAVIA delivered by a special guest: Nicola Cimmino, IB Executive Member in 2014 and IB President in 2015. Everyone enjoyed this inspiring lecture about EUROAVIA’s past, its main intention being that of making the participants aware that we are still writing the history of our dear association. After that, we attended the Working Groups round table in which two members of each WG presented their work, anecdotes, challenges, the reasons why their WG is important to EUROAVIA’s backbone and some funny moments that happened during their meetings. The session was followed by the Gaming Night, which took place on EUROAVIA’s Discord channel, consisting of three games: Skribble, Gartic Phone and Jackbox Party. The participants were divided into three voice channels where they played the game they were interested in and later also joined different ones. The night ended with lots of laughter, great vibes, and memes!

On Thursday, the afternoon was dedicated to the International Events. We had a 1-hour presentation about how the International Events are organized and what the role of the tutors of the IE WG is. The session ended with “The IE Challenge”: after a 15-minute break, the participants were divided into groups and given 30 minutes to plan a specific type of International Event hosted by a EUROAVIA Affiliated Society with as much detail as possible. We’d like to give a shoutout to the Symposium in AS Paris and the Congress in AS Napoli groups, who did very well in the challenge. In the evening, we played Master Chef in one of the most awaited sessions of the week: the cooking night! During this activity, the participants prepared Currywurst (Germany), Crêpes (France), Tiramisù (Italy) and Tortilla (Spain) and later enjoyed their meals together.

OnlineIE 1

On the final day, the EUROAVIA Alumni told us about their experiences within our association and how this helped them in their academic, professional, and personal lives. This was a very interactive session in which the participants were able to expose their points of view regarding the different topics that the Alumni proposed. We would like to express our special gratitude to the Alumni Association for this illustrative and enjoyable session and for sharing their time with us. An emotional ending speech was delivered as well, and our event finished with the well-known ‘Cultural’ Night, where we presented drinks and sweets from our countries. It was a very fun night which maintained the spirit of this EUROAVIA tradition.

To conclude, we are very glad to see that international relations are still alive even though the pandemic does not allow physical events. This first online event was a success, with quite a high number of active participants and shared knowledge. We hope that the AS interested in organizing an international event will consider delivering one online soon.

Written by the International Events WG


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