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Quarantine Diaries: AS Napoli

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Quarantine is the new search for ourselves. You see, there is only one universal principle: "life is too short to waste time." EUROAVIA shell is responsible to spread the aerospace culture in every way. Thanks to technology, we can break down the wall and be near to our members, in this terrible period of our life.

We started with a little delay because of the difficulties of our country: the 11th of April we started a series of Conference Calls.

The first one was with the project manager for NASA's Kepler Mission, Roger Hunter. We met him some years ago and we discovered that he is interested in the future of young people and he was very excited about EUROAVIA's goals. Then we thought that inviting him in a conference call with all of the EUROAVIA members would be the best thing we can do to persevere our purpose. The meeting was composed of two different times. The first one, in which our special guest presented himself,  his work, his experience, his principle project, and the Kepler mission one. The second one, in which he answered the questions by who joined the meeting. 
This structure was also followed by another person who was the special guest of our meeting: his name is Roberto Carlino, he works for NASA Ames. He got his Bachelor’s degree and Master of Science in  Aerospace Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II, in Italy, and then he continued his studies All around Europe. On the 18th of April in his conference call, he focused on the question, "why do we explore space?". His analysis shows us the consequence and the importance of this. 
The last conference Call organized on the 24th of April was in Italian, but all the EUROAVIA members were able to join the meeting. The special guests were Gennaro Russo, the director of "Center for Near Space" and Raffaele Savino, the director of the "Degree Course in Aerospace Engineering" at the University of Naples Federico II. Their meeting was focused on the project Hyplane, a hypersonic jet that they  designed. This jet will be able to describe a series of parables to the Space Tourism with its special ramjet engine. 
We hope you are all healthy and doing well! We also hope to see you early because it means that this nightmare is over!
Best regards,
EUROAVIA Napolinapoli02

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