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Quiz Night Organized by EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna

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A new academic year has started, and EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna and its new local board continue rolling. The first event of the season was held with an exciting Quiz Night!


On the night of September 30th, a quiz night event was held in-presence at a local bar in Forlì (after more than a year and a half!). The scope was to allow prospective new EUROAVIAns and current EUROAVIAns to get acquittanced with what the association does at a local and international level. The quiz was divided into several categories, these were:

  • History and Identity of EUROAVIA
  • EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna
  • EUROAVIA’s Events
  • EUROAVIA’s Local Groups
  • EUROAVIA Fun Facts

In these categories, questions like these were asked: When was EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna founded? Where was EUROAVIA founded? What is the EUROAVIA Spirit? (A ghost? Maybe), Which of these is not a task of the Design Working Group? And many more.


Everyone prepared to start the quiz!

As in any competition, prizes were offered to the four best. Among the prizes, there were: EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna’s T-shirs, beers and coupons. The quiz ended in a tiebreaker for the first place, where the first to answer the final question was crowned champion. In the end, the podium was composed by Melania (1st), Asia (2nd), Udit (3rd) and Rachele (4th).

In the end, it was an exciting and fun night, and we hope to continue doing events like this!

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