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Rocket Workshop and a new Local Board in Sevilla

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With this intense month of June just starting, begins in Sevilla a period of change. The last weeks of this marvellous year in our AS have been marked by the launch and testing of the EUROAVIA Sevilla Rocket Workshop. With the presence of members of the CVA broadcasting staff, we made sure that this activity would reach as engineering students as possible, while stimulating the younger ones to invest themselves in aerospace studies.

sevilla 1

The Workshop itself was scheduled as a series of eight classes, two master classes and six workshop-like ones, where the different groups would design and build the rocketry by themselves. This year, and as part of the CVA’s plan of activities, we invited several schools to bring their older students as participants of the Workshop, so they can have a first glance of what an engineering project consists on.  The 25th of May all teams were convoked to launch all the models. With the help of the altimeters made before by another Workshop in our AS, we got to know how high our rockets had gone.

sevilla 2

On other topic, we are happy to announce that EUROAVIA Sevilla has, from the last three weeks, a new Local Board! We all are (the new and the old Board) enthusiastic about the possibilities, opportunities and challenges that next year will suppose. We congratulate our new LB members, and hope to see them around Europe spreading the EUROAVIA Spirit!

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From left to right:

Javier Benítez : Webmaster

Valeria de la Torre: Executive Member

Enrique García: IEM&ICM

Diego Cabrera: Vicepresident

Alejandra González: President

Benito López: Treasurer

Alejandro Bonache: Executive Member

Antonio Manuel Alonso: Secretary


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