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Sloshing Wing Dynamics Project

01 April 2019 | Published in News. Read 2836 times.

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Have you heard about the fuel sloshing phenomenon? Did you know that aircraft wing structures carrying fuel can be optimally designed when fuel slosh is taken into account?

If you are interested in aviation sloshing and want to get more engaged in the field through a PhD thesis, we encourage you to follow SLOWD project. SLOshing Wing Dynamics (SLOWD) is an EC H2020 project which is expected to start on the 1st of September 2019. The main goal of the project is to define a holistic approach (both experimental and numerical) to quantify the energy-dissipation effects associated with the liquid movement inside aircraft fuel tanks, as the wing undergoes dynamic excitations.


The project consortium brings together the know-how, experience and skills of different institutions, including aircraft and spacecraft manufacturers (Airbus and ArianeGroup), highly-ranked universities and top-level research institutions and SMEs.

Amongst them, University of Bristol has already announced PhD scholarships which can be found in the following link.  

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated about the SLOWD achievements.