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The EUROAVIA Alumni Association is an independently run organization which consists of aerospace engineers. It provides a framework for all former members of EUROAVIA to stay in touch with each other and the student organization. It facilitates and promotes the exchange of ideas, giving the opportunity to hand down valuable experiences to the next generation of young EUROAVIAns. Most importantly, it is a network of friends.

The EUROAVIA Alumni Association was officially founded in June 2016 at ILA Berlin. The Association conducted its Annual Meeting and the Board election took place for the first time.

The structure of the Association accommodates the requirement of a proper internal organisation and membership. Moreover, due to differences in life-style and goals, it contributes to a less intensive commitment rather than an ordinary EUROAVIA Working Group. Indeed, it assures an easier management of the workload, increasing results and activities with long-term focus. With this respect, both the Board and the Executive Board develop and maintain the infrastructure needed to stay informed.

More information can be found below and also on the official website of the EUROAVIA Alumni. There you can also join the Association: https://alumni.euroavia.eu.


The Association consists of members, Board, Executive Board and Auditors. The Board is elected by the members to lead the Association. It is supported by an Executive Board and reviewed by two Auditors. Students can also become part of the Executive Board. This is highly encouraged since it strengthens the bond to EUROAVIA. Positions can be filled with several people if deemed necessary. Autonomous and independent work is encouraged for each of the individuals and between each other.


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In EUROAVIA we believe in the European spirit of friendship and collaboration. We cultivate a truly international atmosphere across our Association, and we value the diversity and the passion of our members as our greatest resources.

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