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History of EUROAVIA

EUROAVIA was founded in 1959. Until now we can be proud of more than 50 years. Our association has grown up from three founding societies to 45. Our now more than 2000 members are spread over whole Europe in 20 countries.


First Formation

In 1956, a group of students in Aachen, Germany, observed an unstable situation of the Aerospace industry due to a lack of collaboration between this industry and bigger economic branches. After long discussions between students from Germany, France and the Netherlands, finally a solution could be achieved, this has been named “A good cooperation of aerospace and astronautic industries of different countries”. In addition, a vision of this group has been created: An association of all European Aerospace students could help to achieve this goal of a European cooperation.

From that point active correspondence with professors from Belgium, France and the Netherlands began. A sentence at the beginning of this long correspondence was: “Single European nations cannot provide resources for further development of the European Aerospace. For that reason it is essential to meet the problems and challenges of the future with a collective cooperation of the European states on a civil, military and university basis.”


First International Visits

In the beginning of the year 1958, Aachen could recruit fourteen active and highly motivated members. The first meeting there with students from France and the Netherlands was a big step, furthermore visits in Italy, France and the Netherlands established a lot of contacts.During one meeting, a “comité provisoire” was founded. The aim of this group was the organisation of a congress where the statutes for the association with the name “EUROAVIA” should be shaped.


Target definition

Between 22th and 28th of September 1958, representatives of Aachen, Delft, Paris and Pisa discussed about the targets and the organisation of EUROAVIA.



The main result of this meeting was the call for an international constituent congress in Aachen from 09th to 17th 1959. These days between those two events were hard work for the founders of our association with challenges and hope.
It was not so easy to convince people that their support would help to build the future of the Aerospace branch.

Representatives of Aachen, Berlin, Braunschweig, Delft, ENSA and ENICA, Paris, Mailand, Pisa, Stuttgart and Turin were present at the constituent congress. All in all there were thirty students from ten universities in four different countries. The official statutes were presented and accepted on 16th March in 1959. Officially EUROAVIA began its work on the 1st of Mai in 1959.


First business year

In the first year, the international board (IB) was represented by the local group of Aachen. Jean Roeder was the first president of EUROAVIA. His dream became true when EUROAVIA was born. Socialise people and establish contacts between students and the industry were the first achievements of this board and to spread the vision of EUROAVIA to other European countries.


Adjunct Member Kourou

Adjunct Member Kourou joins, first in EUROAVIA history that a group of students geographically outside main Europe joins the network.


55 years - Lustrum Stuttgart 2014

The Lustrum is a traditional EUROAVIA event which takes place every five years. This Lustrum took place from 25th to the 27th of April 2014, is the 11th Lustrum in EUROAVIA history. It shows the EUROAVIA spirit and community and deliver a clear message about our association. The official celebration included presentations from Alumni of EUROAVIA, former presidents or other prestigious people that have been part of or have collaborated with EUROAVIA.



Today, our association still bases on this vision. In the meanwhile more than 45 Local Groups are affiliated to this network, located in more than 19 countries

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Our Values

In EUROAVIA we believe in the European spirit of friendship and collaboration. We cultivate a truly international atmosphere across our Association, and we value the diversity and the passion of our members as our greatest resources.

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