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First three International Events of 2018

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Are you curious about the 2018 International Events calendar? 
Here you have a taste of what's going to happen at the beginning of this energetic year! 
Start your aerospace journey with a Space Symposium that will tickle your curiosity, then consider an amazing opportunity to become a Soft Skills European Trainer and continue with the Electoral Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress to decide the future of our association.
The Space Symposium will be an amazing opportunity for the space lovers to learn about the domain and to meet members of this industry. The location of this great event has been chosen capital of the Ariane Cities Network for 2019, meaning that there will be lots of activities during 2018 to prepare the way to a fruitful 2019. The main topic of the Symposium will be Space Applications, followed by an introduction to entrepreneurship applied to space business: how to do business plans and how to launch your ideas! 
The Train New Trainers event is at its second edition this year, aiming to form new EUROAVIA trainers that will, later on, shape our members by guiding them through the soft skills path. Last year 17 such trainers were formed and they are currently delivering training sessions at local and international level. If you are passionate to find ways to help the others grow by developing new strong skills next to them, this is the event where you should apply!
The Electoral Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress (EMEAC) is definitely the most important event in our association. Every year such an event is held to unite all Affiliated Societies, with the goal of discussing and taking decisions that will push our association forward. Also, during the EMEAC the next International Board is elected; be there to be part of the decision making process, to learn about EUROAVIA and to help it improve!
Soon, you will find out the location of each event! Until then, think wisely which event is the most appropriate for you and save the dates


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