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Train New Trainers Bucuresti, 16th-25th March 2018

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As aerospace students, we get to accumulate plenty of technical knowledge and develop our engineering skills daily. But what about the skills that target our own personal development, our abilities to work within a team or within a multicultural environment – the soft-skills? Teamwork, leadership, public speaking, time management, creativity, group dynamics are just few of the topics that you so often hear about in nowadays society!

Well, this international event offers you the opportunity to master these skills and to be fully capable of transferring this knowledge in the field of non-formal education through several training sessions, becoming a trainer yourself, hence the name “Train New Trainers”.
TNT brings together 6 highly experienced NGO trainers and 20 participants from EUROAVIA Local Groups. For 8 days, the trainers will deliver a deep understanding of the learning process and guide you towards a more thorough self-reflection and self-assessment, this having an immediate impact on your self-development. Therefore, a new generation of trainers will be formed, leading to an increase in the number of training sessions in EUROAVIA and an improvement in the work within our association and even beyond.
The event itself will connect students from all across Europe and furthermore, the newly formed trainers will strengthen the ties between themselves and the participants during their own training sessions that will take place all over the continent. Consequently, the European youth will be more connected than ever and the intercultural awareness will be strengthened as well.

On account of the ideas mentioned above, TNT would like to provide you with competencies and methods to transfer the common fundamental values of our society, which will have a positive impact on your employability, especially when it comes to working within international teams. We want to develop a more widespread system of non-formal education within EUROAVIA, so that all 2000+ members across Europe will attend training sessions that target their self-development. During the first TNT event that took place in 2016, 17 trainers were formed and they are currently delivering training sessions at local and international levels, having reached 500 EUROAVIA members.

But what about the local group which hosts the event this year? TNT will take place in Bucharest, one of the strongest members in terms of active participation. The charming Romanians will welcome you with open arms into a suitable place for discovering yourself.
If you want to grow as an individual and help others grow as well, TNT is the event for you! Don’t forget to save the date on your agenda: 16th – 25th March 2018. We’ll be waiting for you in Bucharest to shape the trainers of tomorrow!

More information and application form on http://euroavia-bucuresti.ro/train-new-trainers-2018/

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