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Corporate Identity

The International Board and of the Public Relations Working Group have an exclusive responsibility over the Corporate Identity. They make sure it is in any occasion EUROAVIA is represented and are the responsible for reviewing it and keeping it up to date with the current development of technologies.

Here you can download the EUROAVIA Corporate Identity package, while below you can find an overview of the EUROAVIA Styleguide.

EUROAVIA Styleguide

General Overview:

  • To highlight words, either use the bold font or the red color in combination with the bold font.
  • Use the font Verdana 11pt for the documents.
  • Explanations or Subtitles shall be VerdanaLowerCase.


Use the following colors for your presentation and also for other EUROAVIA documents:

  • Green EUROAVIA color: R076 G148 B081 or #4C9451
  • Blue EUROAVIA color: R000 G068 B120 or #004478
  • Red EUROAVIA color: R187 G053 B037 or #BB3525
  • Light grey EUROAVIA color: R227 G227 B227 or #E3E3E3
  • Medium grey EUROAVIA color: R205 G205 B205 or #CDCDCD
  • Dark grey EUROAVIA color: R150 G150 B150 or #969696

Futher hints:

  • Only use the EUROAVIA Logos supplied by the International Board.
  • The official EUROAVIA nameplate font is Verdana.
  • For other documents or websites either use Verdana or Arial as font.
  • The plural of the abbreviation for Affiliated Society (AS) is still AS (not AS’s)!
  • For the header of the promotion material, EUROAVIA and the name of the AS are written in small letters.
  • In all other cases, EUROAVIA is always capitalized.
Last updated: January 30, 2016