AS Roundtables

Everything you need to know

AS Roundtables are short events for those (P)AS/AM who want to spread among their members what EUROAVIA is but they don’t feel comfortable enough to explain it by themselves.

During this event, members from the International Board (IB) and the different Working Groups (WGs) explain what EUROAVIA is, and what each working group do and they share their personal experience inside EUEROAVIA. The event other than being just a presentation is an interactive event between the participants and the members of the IB and WGs.

This event was introduced during the AMEAC 2021 and started in October 2021, with the event held with AS Covilhã. So far, the outcome of this event has been encouraging.

For future local groups interested on having this kind of event, it would be needed to contact the IB by mail or other means at least 2 months before the approximate date when they would like to host such an event.

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